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Top Reasons Museum of Selfies in Las Vegas is the Star Attraction You Never Knew

Jul 12, 2022

When people visit Las Vegas, most think of drinking, shows, food, gambling etc. But there are some amazing alternative attractions such as Las Vegas museums that you must consider. No, we are not talking about historic, boring museums but, on the contrary, the highly attractive and adventurous museum of selfies. No matter your age, or gender, the selfie museum is a fun place to spend time while visiting Las Vegas. The museum of selfies is the home to some good and amazing immersive installations that ensure visitors don’t have a second to get bored. The museum of selfies Las Vegas is the breeze in the hustle and bustle life of Las Vegas.

Things to Consider When Visiting the Museum of Selfies 

If you are visiting the selfie museum, which you must do if you are visiting Las Vegas, then here are some ways to capture the best pictures at the Museum of Selfies in Las Vegas:

  • Whether you visit solo, with a partner, or with friends, you often need somebody to capture your picture. So, when you visit the museum of selfies, either take somebody along or request some staff member if you are lucky at the museum to capture amazing pictures. There are many sets in the museum of selfies that you can utilize better when somebody else is around to take your photo.
  • If you are visiting the selfie museum solo, you must take a selfie stick along. If you forgot to carry one, you could buy it there.
  • They also have a VIP package in which, if you buy, you get a professional photographer who will walk you into the museum and capture your perfect shots.

Must-Visit Sets at the Museum of Selfies Las Vegas

When you visit the museum of selfies, make sure you pause the most irresistible sets, utilize every prop you come across and strike the best post.


  • The Bathroom: Make the most of the classy bathroom by capturing some pictures while you crawl through the mirror.
  • The Wings: Feel the power of wings and take a flight in the sky of your dreams, at least in your selfies, by capturing some amazing pictures of yourself with various wings.
  • Food Prop: Be the best foody, you know. At least when you capture pictures at the museum of selfies. Food: Prop yourself up on a huge hamburger and other food props like a pro.
  • Twinkling Lights: Make sure that every picture you capture is lit by surrounding yourself in a room of shiny, sparkling multi-coloured hanging lights.
  • The Gold Bath: You must utilize the tub of gold in the best possible way. Capture a selfie in the tub of gold, wear sassy clothing, and a $ hat to get an eye-catching effect.
  • The Upside-Down Room: You must visit the upside-down set to give your selfies an illusional look and feel. Every picture you capture in this room ensures that none of your pictures is cliché.


Now that you know so many amazing reasons to visit Las Vegas museums, especially the Museum of Selfies, book your tickets. The selfie museum is an amazing place, a must-visit attraction with interactive exhibits and unlimited creativity. Visit the museum of selfies soon to experience fun and laughter and make unforgettable memories with your loved ones and friends. Book a visit to this top-rated interactive museum today by choosing the best selfie rooms near me.

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