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In most museums, you can carry selfie sticks, which are deemed very dangerous to carry around precious and rare artifacts and works of art. Still, one of the leading Las Vegas museums, the Museum of Selfies, is making the most of the growing craze of individuals to click selfies and get captured.

It has been found in the last few years that people love to capture their pictures with art. The museum of selfies is solely dedicated to selfie lovers, people who are digital creators and are constantly seeking the best places in Las Vegas to click amazing pictures. This selfie museum has been built considering the growing selfie obsession of people, realizing that individuals not just love art but want to save the museum experience through pictures and videos. The selfie museum has a lot of attractions to ensure none of the visitors feels bored. In addition, they have specially designed installations that allow individuals to interact with them and become part of the art.

Top Things to do in Selfie Museum Las Vegas

  • Experience the Thrill in Dynamic Installations. When you visit the museum of selfies, there won’t be a single moment of boredom. With many immersive installations around you, you can spend every moment in the best way possible. Every selfie you take at the selfie museum can depict a story, thanks to the fantastic set up and creation.

  • Surprise Yourself in the Upside-Down Room. Say bye to cliché pictures. It’s time you capture some fantastic shots with discrete uniqueness by visiting the upside-down room at the selfie museum. The place has a unique vibe, a bright outlook, and stunning interiors where you can capture eye-catchy pictures- selfies, group photographs, and solo profile shots. The clever play of the upside-down room is one-of-its-kind and can add a unique factor to your pictures.

  • Walk Like a King/Queen. Rise and shine on your visit to the Las Vegas selfie museum by taking a gold bath with shimmer and sparkle. This is the best place to capture celebrities-like pictures and selfies. Be it a catwalk or pose of a star you admire, you can live such a studded moment in the gold bath and capture pictures that shutterbugs long for.

  • Become A Kid Again. Go back to your childhood, where emotions were so pure and full of innocence, by visiting the fantastic emoji pool. In the emoji pool, you can easily capture pictures and videos with emojis expressing different moods and emotions. So whether you want to dive into the world of love and friendship or play a prank with your friends or family, you can do all that in the emoji pool. Go express and share your feelings through the emoji of your choice and seal the moment by capturing a selfie or a picture in your favorite pose.


Try the Selfie Museum Yourself

We don’t want you to miss the fun and recommend you visit this fantastic one-of-a-kind museum in Las Vegas. No boredom is allowed, no silence around. The selfie museum is all about exploring your selfie-clicking potential. The Museum of Selfies is undoubtedly one of the best Las Vegas museums and the most attractive place in the city to capture stunning selfies and pictures. So book your tickets and experience the selfie magic at the selfie museum.

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