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The Shelby Museum in Las Vegas is one of most popular places for car enthusiasts? Ford, Chevy, Semi Trucks or any other National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) car models – all this and more can be seen by every museum visitor. If you are thinking about whether the Shelby Car Museum in Las Vegas is worth your attention or not, then we suggest you read this article. Here, we will share all the features of such a museum, considering the “two sides of the coin”: the positive and negative sides.

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Features of the Shelby Museum in Las Vegas

If you are wondering what makes the Shelby Car Museum in Las Vegas so unique, then we have some interesting features of this museum for you:

1) Historical roots

Do you know who Carroll Hall Shelby is? He was a famous American car designer, race car driver and entrepreneur. And now remember the name of the museum we are currently discovering for you? Right! This is the Carroll Shelby Car Museum. So, at this museum you can admire an impressive collection of historic Shelby vehicles, including the classic Shelby Cobra, Mustang and other iconic cars that were designed by Carroll Hall Shelby. Isn’t this a great opportunity to get to know the genius better and “touch his works of art”?

2) Diversity

The Shelby Museum in Las Vegas can have not only a collection of different cars but also many memorabilia or things that can be related to these cars. For example, there you can find clothing, collectibles and other gifts to genuine Shelby Performance parts for the latest Mustang models. So if you are a car lover and want to learn and see everything for yourself, even a detail, then you will have a great opportunity to do so in this museum.

3) Possibility of photos for memory

After visiting the Shelby Car Museum in Las Vegas, you can take a great selfie or other types of photos with cars to remember such a wonderful experience.

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4) Various excursions

If you’ve never delved into the history of the Shelby Museum, but you’ve always been a fan of its car collection, there are special educational programs and tours for you to help you understand more about the museum. This is done so that you don’t get the impression that these are just cars and that it’s just cool. It’s not that simple! This is a whole story and life itself!

What are the disadvantages of the Carroll Shelby Museum in Las Vegas?

Although the Shelby Museum in Las Vegas is interesting, there are a few major drawbacks you may “encounter”:

1) A large number of people

After visiting this museum, be prepared for the fact that the number of visitors can be huge. And this is especially so if it’s a weekend! Therefore, people with agoraphobia (those who are afraid of open spaces and crowds of people) may not fully enjoy the museum, unfortunately.

2) Ticket price

The price of a ticket to visit the Carroll Shelby Museum in Las Vegas can vary and range from $20 to $50 per person. Therefore, do not forget that the more people want to visit this museum, the more expensive the ticket will be. Especially if you want to visit it with family or with a group of friends where the number is 3+ people.

3) Shelby cars only

If you visit the Shelby Museum, then you can see ONLY his collection of cars. No other representatives will be there. So if you are not interested in either Carroll Hall Shelby or his cars, then this museum may seem boring to you.

Top 3 things to do to have a positive experience at the Carroll Shelby Museum in Las Vegas?

If you want to enjoy the museum and make the experience exciting then you can do the following 3 simple but effective things:

1) Immerse yourself in history

To be closer to Carroll Shelby’s cars and so that you don’t feel uncomfortable not knowing who Carroll Shelby is and why his cars are in the museum, we suggest you read a little about the history by visiting the museum.

2) Buy a souvenir to remember

If you’re a true fan of any NHRA car model and want to make your museum experience a memorable one, then it’s worth buying one thing to remind you of your visit. Perhaps when you look at this thing, you may also have some associations that can “push” you to positive emotions.

3) Plan your trip to the museum in advance

In order not to crowd the museum and enjoy the moment freely, you should plan and order a ticket to the museum earlier and not during peak hours.

Perhaps there are a few more details that you would like to know about the Shelby Car Museum in Las Vegas, but unfortunately, we cannot cover them all because your visiting experience is unique and only you can understand for yourself what is worth your attention.

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