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For many people Las Vegas is a land of dreams and expectations, after all, there’s nobody in the world, much less in the US that hasn’t heard of this beautiful city and all it has to offer to its visitors. And it’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed not only at the sights but even at the idea of actually going to Las Vegas.

But don’t worry, we are here to guide you through it all, and as locals, you can take our word and rest assured that we know what we are talking about. And once we are done with you? You’ll also discover everything you need to know about Vegas, it’s our pride as locals in the line as well, and perhaps more importantly… It’s your long-awaited trip.

Las Vegas is one city where countless people pass by daily, and we know that this visit is a dream come true for a lot of them. So, to make sure you are prepared, we want to discuss what you need to know about Las Vegas ahead of your trip and to make the most of your stay. It might be brief, it might be long, or you might be here for business or pleasure, but with some luck, you’ll find out everything you need to know about Las Vegas in this article.

What you need to know about in Las Vegas before your trip?

The first thing we want you to understand about our city before you even start considering everything you need to know about Vegas is that Las Vegas is just kind of huge. And we don’t just mean its literal size at 352 km², we mean huge in all ways of the word. Culture? There’s something for everybody, after all, Las Vegas is way more than just gambling and you’d be surprised at how many museums are there in the area and even in the strip (We’d know, we run one).

Food? Take a pick, any pick, and not only do you find it, but chances are it’s authentic food from someone who relocated to Las Vegas and knows their stuff. Gamvling? Of course, it’s present, you don’t need everything you need to know about Las Vegas guide to know we have casinos. But what casino will you go to? What is the best game to win? What are the rules of behavior inside a casino on the strip?

Las Vegas is just a lot to consider, period, and in that aspect, our first point in our what you need to know about Las Vegas guide is to tell you a simple truth: You need to pick what you are interested in ahead of time.

Nobody can experience all of Las Vegas in a single trip, and even for us as locals, there is still a lot left to discover and unpack. so before you start asking everything you need to know about Vegas, you need to ask yourself what you want to experience in Las Vegas.

It’s easy to say casinos of course, but you’d be surprised at all the different reasons people come to Las Vegas. So take a second to consider what is most fun to you and how you can pursue those interests in our city. That’ll save you a lot of time and will make sure you get to make the most of your stay.

how to spend time in las vegas

What is everything you need to know about in Las Vegas?

You’d be surprised about it, but everything you need to know about Las Vegas starts with just a little bit of common sense. As we said above Las Vegas is legitimately large, and even if you bring a vehicle of your own you should expect to walk a lot. Some casinos can feel like mini-cities for visitors, and that means that our first recommendation is to bring comfortable footwear, you’ll thank us after the fact.

Actually how to get to places covers a lot of what you need to know about Las Vegas. Jaywalking is treated VERY seriously in our city, so make sure to pay attention at all times and always use public spaces as intended, you will be fined if you don’t play along, and the fines can be quite large. Similarly, it might surprise you that hailing a taxi from the street is not allowed in the strip (but is elsewhere). This might seem annoying at first, but it’s for everybody’s safety, and cabs are parked in designated spots anyway, so you don’t need to worry about it, you just need to be aware of our customs.

Another useful tips you might want to know is that it’s legal to consume alcohol in the streets, but of course, don’t put yourself or others in danger while doing so. If you are in a casino drinks are free, but the staff will expect you to be as courteous to them as they are to you, so be considerate. And last but not least if you want all the insider tidbits right from the experts… You can find us at 3545 S Las Vegas Blvd. Suite L-07B.

Almost all of our visitors are tourists, and they all love to share their stories with us, so make no mistake, no matter what you might be interested in, we are the best possible guides around. We know everything about Las Vegas and visiting us early might let you in to the best tips and secrets our city has to offer.