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Traveling to Las Vegas with children may seem like a strange undertaking at first glance. However, Vegas has something to offer family travelers and something to keep young tourists busy. While parents visit unique hotels in a variety of styles and see interesting sights, their children will never be bored. Interactive and educational museums, roller coasters, amusement parks and aquariums with marine life and dolphins, live volcanoes, circus performances, a whole complex of trampolines, and water parks – all this is in Las Vegas. In the article, I will share information on how best to organize your leisure time and what to do if you are traveling to Las Vegas with a child.

Best places for families in Vegas

Arriving in Las Vegas, you should definitely take the children to the show of artists from the Cirque du Soleil. The live art of the most talented acrobats, jugglers, and gymnasts and their bright show will hardly leave them indifferent.

Cirque du Soleil performances take place in various hotels. Children will be interested in watching the following shows:

  • Water show “O” at the Bellagio Hotel. This is a mixture of water and fire elements and acrobatic stunts based on modern technologies.
  • Martial arts show “KA” at MGM Grand with a bright and catchy soundtrack.

Best places for teens in Vegas

Best places for teens in Vegas

One of the largest and most unusual entertainment centers in Las Vegas is the Spring Preserve – a unique center that tells its visitors about the unique features of the Mojave Desert. There is an interesting natural science museum here, as well as several interactive exhibitions, a botanical garden, and even a zoo. For the youngest visitors, playgrounds have been prepared in the center, and teenage children will have the opportunity to learn how to play mini-golf on special playgrounds.

The Museum of Selfies in Las Vegas is a MUST-VISIT attraction! If you’re convinced that taking the perfect selfie is an art form in itself, then we may have found the ideal museum for you! In addition to a selfie, this place is ideal for shooting short videos on TikTok and YouTube.

Family holiday with kids in Las Vegas

There are also excellent museums in Las Vegas, which will also be interesting to visit with the whole family. An excellent option is the interactive Discovery Children’s Museum. The exposition of which is devoted to various fields of science and art. Here, young visitors are told about modern scientific research in an accessible language, interesting training programs are conducted for them and they are invited to participate in various experiments. The museum is designed for children of all ages.

What to do with the family in Las Vegas

To visit Las Vegas and not go to one of the enchanting circus performances is an unforgivable mistake. Cirque du Soleil is famous all over the world, in which the most talented gymnasts, acrobats and jugglers of the world perform. Each performance in this circus is a colorful, unforgettable show that both adults and children will be delighted with. Among other circus performances available to vacationers, it is worth noting Awakening. In this circus, bright performances of aerial acrobats are arranged, which is accompanied by a spectacular musical program, where you can watch the performances of the best clowns and dancers in the world.

What to do with kids in Vegas

Be sure to visit the huge classic water park of the famous Wet’n’Wild chain with all the accompanying attractions. Huge twisting cascades of “Tornado”, slides of extreme height, waterfalls, pools with ocean waves, and water parks for the little ones. And once a week in the summer there is an open-air cinema: lying on an inflatable ring, slowly swaying on the waves, you can watch the latest children’s films and cartoons.

Fun places for a family in Las Vegas

The whole family will also like the Sky zone, a huge trampoline complex that allows you to jump and play enough. You can just jump on beautiful sports trampolines, you can dive from a trampoline into a sea of soft cubes, play ball, do fitness, and much more. Time for free “jumping” (from 30 minutes to 2 hours) must be booked in advance. Children are divided by height for their safety.

Fun places for teenagers

All teenagers love crime. The Mob Museum is dedicated to high-profile investigations (investigations) and show trials (trials). Here you will learn about the history of organized crime in the United States and see weapons, evidence, and even a courtroom.

Places for teens in Las Vegas

Fremont Street Experience is a pedestrian (pedestrian) mall. The arched canopy (an arched canopy) of a huge shopping center turns into a stage for light and music shows every night. Visitors never cease to feel dizzy from the surround sound and the immense (larger-than-life) screen.

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