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It’s the year 2023, and the entertainment capital of the world is back in full swing! Summer is a magical time in Las Vegas, with a myriad of events, shows, and attractions, which are guaranteed to entertain and amaze. But the real cherry on top? The Museum of Selfies – an unforgettable experience you simply cannot miss! So buckle up and get ready to dive into the world of August entertainment in Las Vegas 2023 and the ultimate selfie extravaganza!

Sizzling August Entertainment in Las Vegas 2023

Las Vegas becomes a hotbed of fun and excitement in August, and we’re not just talking about the weather. From concerts to comedy shows, pool parties to food festivals, june entertainment in Las Vegas truly has something for everyone. Here are just a few of the thrilling events and attractions you can look forward to in 2023:


As always, you can expect a star-studded lineup during the month of August in Las Vegas. Mega-concerts by world-renowned artists will light up the stage, with unforgettable performances that will leave you in awe.

Pool Parties

June in Vegas means it’s time to dive into the famous pool party scene! Top DJs will spin sizzling beats, and you can expect exclusive parties and day clubs where you can dance, drink, and soak up the sun all day long.

Food Festivals

Calling all foodies! August entertainment in Las Vegas 2023 will include some mouthwatering food festivals, showcasing the city’s diverse culinary scene. From gourmet food trucks to celebrity chef demonstrations, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to satisfying your taste buds.

The Ultimate Selfie Experience: Museum of Selfies

Located in the heart of the Strip, at the LINQ Promenade, lies an attraction that you simply cannot miss during your August 2023 trip to Sin City – the Museum of Selfies! This family-friendly, top-rated interactive museum is the perfect way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas while still enjoying a fun and unforgettable experience.

selfie place

At the Museum of Selfies, you can explore unique installations, allowing you to do things you could only dream about:

  • Dive into the Gold Bath
  • Relax in the Emoji Pool
  • Trick the world from the Upside Down Room
  • Melt your brain in the optical illusion Bathroom
  • Find yourself in the Light Bulbs Infinity Room
  • And so much more!

Ideal for bloggers, influencers, and content creators, the Museum of Selfies provides the perfect backdrop for unique photos and videos to boost your social engagement. Known for attracting the best content creators from around the United States, you can also expect a fun and memorable experience for everyone. Who knows, you might even bump into someone famous during your visit!

Don’t miss out on the ultimate August entertainment in Las Vegas 2023 experience at the Museum of Selfies! Located at 3545 S Las Vegas Blvd, Ste L-07B, Las Vegas, NV 89109, tickets are selling fast. So pick up your phone and dial 702-518-2277 to book your unforgettable adventure today!

In conclusion, your trip to Las Vegas in August 2023 will be packed with exciting events and attractions. However, no visit would be complete without a stop at the Museum of Selfies, where you can create lasting memories and capture the perfect snapshots to cherish forever. Don’t miss out on the fun and excitement that Las Vegas has to offer this August, and make your selfie dreams come true!