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5 Reasons Museum of Selfies in Las Vegas is Loved

May 11, 2022

The world is full of museums, but people have only recently witnessed the creative possibilities of a historical place like a museum with interactive rooms. However, with the rapidly growing technology, smart lighting systems, and interactive environments, museums are no longer a boring places to visit but creative hubs you should not miss.


Museum of Selfies: Made of Modern-Day Social Media Buffs 


Lately, the world has been in an era of social media, specifically Instagram. Instagram has strongly influenced the world in the last some years, with no way to return. Once, the simple photo-sharing app has become one of the most trending platforms to unleash your creativity and leave the world spellbound.

Today, selfies are one of the key ways to capture pictures. Needless to say, we take many selfies every day, so keeping this in mind, it is safe to say that selfies are here to stay. With the growing popularity of social media platforms like Instagram and multiplying Instagrammers, selfie museums have emerged as a key trend globally. Museum of Selfies is a creative space intended for people to capture superb pictures.

If you live in Las Vegas or plan to visit the beautiful city, you must ride the bandwagon and visit the Museum of Selfies at the LINQ Promenade. This blog will quickly run you through the key reasons you should visit a Museum of Selfies.


  • Museum of Selfies have no works of art hanging on the walls. Instead, there are brightly-decorated rooms designed to work as creative and fun backgrounds for visitors’ selfies and videos. The museum of selfies on Strip gives visitors a chance to be the artist and the exhibit.
  • In the gold bath and emoji pool, visitors can capture cool pictures and do Tiktoks, with sparkle and beautiful smiley and frowning faces.
  • With spaces all lit up with neon lights, you will skip a beat and capture your next profile picture to steal hearts. You have the perfect lighting, sparkling and creative surrounding, and fun ambiance to make the most of every moment you spend in the museum of selfies.
  • In the Museum of Selfies, you will find numerous attractions made for amazing selfies. Also, when you enter this out-of-the-box space, you are allowed to touch creative exhibits, so be it a hug, kiss, or pout, do whatever you think is the best take to make your selfie stand apart.
  • In the optical illusion bathroom and the Upside Down Room, you can capture many tricky selfies to leave your audience wondering and in awe of the smartness simultaneously.


So, plan your visit to the Museum of Selfies  today and explore a world of limitless creative possibilities to capture your next best selfie picture. Take your friends, loved ones, or even a date with you, and we promise you will leave a lasting impression on them. Book the museum of selfies tickets today.

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