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Las Vegas is home to some of the most incredible places you can visit. This happening city in the United States has many great museums, parks, restaurants, etc. But not all of them make the perfect place to visit for capturing the best selfies, pictures, and videos for your Instagram profile. Digital media is in the spotlight; everybody wants to rise and shine on social media channels with the best posts. In this blog, we will discuss one of the most amazing places in Las Vegas that you must explore to make the best memories and capture the best shots.

There are many Las Vegas museums, but the Museum of Selfies is the place to visit for taking mesmerizing yet fun pictures for yourself. Here are the top three reasons that make the selfie museum a made for Instagram place that everybody should explore for an experience of a lifetime.

selfie world

Get the Red Carpet Feels


If you are one of those who love to take the limelight or are an Oscar fanatic and have always been a fan of walking down the red carpet, it seems like your wait is over. The moment you walk into the selfie museum, you come across some fun, popping, shiny, glittery immersive setups where you can walk like the protagonist of your life and get the pictures of your dreams. This all comes at a price as low as the pocket-friendly tickets of the museum of selfies Las Vegas.


Upside Down Room


The selfie museum has a super cool upside down room that gives you a unique perspective about everything around you. Capture selfies from numerous angles and makes every picture and video stand out.


Emoji Pool


Capturing selfies and recording videos that depict different emotions is never easy. But the museums of selfies have an emoji pool to make it possible for visitors to capture their every feeling in the best way possible. The emoji pool is a hub of diverse emojis that express moods like – love, sweet, cute, angry, bubbly, etc. Express your emotions the best way possible through the perfect selfies in the emoji pool.


Book Your Tickets for the Museum of Selfies to Set Your Instagram on Fire


Now that you know about the uniqueness of the selfie museum, you must plan a trip to this amazing place. It undoubtedly makes the best place for Instagram addicts and selfie lovers who love to capture unique, super fun selfies and share them on your social media. What makes the museum of selfies even more appealing to visitors is the highly affordable ticket prices of the selfie museum.

Lead a happier life by spending your free time and evenings at this one of the most attractive places in Las Vegas. Don’t go on our word. Book your tickets for the museum of selfies today and experience what differentiates it from the other Las Vegas museums. A lot awaits you at the museum of selfies Las Vegas.