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Are you planning a visit to Las Vegas? 

Las Vegas is my kind of town. I love to visit this vibrant oasis in the Nevada desert. It always has something new to offer.

When you want to make the most of those Vegas vibes, there are a few places on my shortlist. 


Places For Las Vegas Vibes

Of course, you can spend all your time hanging around casinos playing slot machines. After all, what is wrong with free cocktails? 
But, once you have spent your daily gambling budget, it is time to move on to something new, and perhaps, equally exciting. 
Have you heard of the Museum of Good Vibes? Okay, fair enough. I admit that the Museum of Good Vibes is one of Las Vegas best best-kept secrets. 

Personally, I think it is one of the most exciting places that has been added to the Las Vegas visitor’s trail in recent years. Let’s find out more.


Get Your Selfie Vibes In Las Vegas

I love selfies. Long after you have finished your vacation, you have your selfies to look back on. However, there are very few places around the world that are dedicated to making your selfie experience unique. That is unless you head on over to the Museum of Good Vibes. 

When you are searching for somewhere to take some truly unique selfies, this is where you can get inspiration for your selfie vibes. This visitor’s attraction is packed with settings where you can make the most out of your selfie experience. You are spoiled for choice and self addicts will find themselves in their element. 


How Do I Book My Visit to the Museum of Good Vibes?

Arranging your visit to the ultimate Las Vegas vibes visitor’s attraction is easy. You can book online or you can rock up outside the museum hoping it is not going to be too busy. 

When you know that you want to make the most out of the selfie vibes experience, it is a good idea to book online. 
Nothing could be simpler than booking your ticket to the Museum of Good Vibes online. Best of all, booking your visit online means you can take advantage of discounts. Just like many other places in Las Vegas, the Museum of Good Vibes offers you a chance to have a “flutter” when you book online. That is what any visit to Las Vegas is all about!

Having a pre-booked ticket also ensures you can make the best out of those selfie vibes. The attraction does get very busy. 


What Can I Do At The Museum?

This is one of the most unusual museum experiences in the entire world. Before you go to the museum, make sure you have plenty of memory on your phone to snap the best selfies of your life. 
The museum is packed with settings that let you explore the limits of your selfie fantasies. No, it is not kinky. This is just about having Selfie vibes fun.

Once through the doors of the museum, you can take selfies in a range of settings. The younger members of the family will enjoy it as much as the slightly older ones. 

If you are looking to really stretch the limit of your Las Vegas vibes, this is the place to do it. 


Viva Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is so much more than a gambler’s dream. You can make the most of Vegas vibes in many different ways. The city’s tourist board makes sure families feel just as welcome as high rollers.

You have numerous themed experiences that let you make the most out of your Vegas Vibes. How about a visit to the Venetian Casino to enjoy a Gondola ride? Downstairs in Excalibur, your kids can enjoy winning a teddy or two. 

Of course, your Las Vegas vibes can guide you in the right direction of the best shows in town. 


Final Thoughts

The entire family can have a great time in Las Vegas. Why not let your Las Vegas vibes take you in the direction of exciting adventures? 
Take the opportunity to visit one of the most spectacular destinations in the world – the Grand Canyon. Alternatively, you can opt for a boat ride on the Hoover Dam. 

Probably, what you remember best are those Vegas vibes that cost slightly less. Don’t forget to add the Museum of Good Vibes to the places you must see during your Las Vegas visit. You won’t regret it!

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