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Must Know Go-to Place in Las Vegas for Immersive, Instagram-friendly Experiences

Aug 10, 2022

Las Vegas museums are beautiful and worth a visit. But a museum that should top your list of the most attractive place to visit in Las Vegas is – The museum of selfies. Yes, you heard it right.


The selfie museum has emerged as one of the most loved and visited places in Las Vegas. Thanks to its unique look and feel. It adds fresh air to the notion of a museum. The museum of selfies is nowhere close to boredom and takes you to cool places for an immersive Instagram-friendly place. Call it the place’s vibe or the growing trend of capturing selfies and pictures worldwide. The selfie museum has become a dream place for people of all ages. It is a family-friendly top-rated museum that ensures you spend a day filled with laughter, adventure, fun, and unforgettable memories.


This blog will give you a sneak peek into what all to expect when you visit the museum of selfies in Las Vegas. So, let’s get started. Here are the key things you feel, see, feel, interact with and experience during your visit:


  • Cool Immersive Installations

You visit the museum of selfies, and you will find yourself among unique interactive setups, cool backgrounds, and walls, they will look right at you. Everything you see will take you into a colorful, shining world, where you can enjoy the ambiance and capture your selfies and pictures with your friends and family.


  • The Upside-Down Room

Do you believe in illusions? Well, after visiting the upside down room of the museum of selfies Las Vegas, you will start believing it by seeing clever surroundings, tricky ceilings and surprising upside-down effects. You can capture the impossible pictures and selfies in the upside down room and leave your social media friends confused with your eye-catching and whirl-like pictures.


  • Get Ready to Bath in Gold

The selfie museum has a beautiful gold bath section wherein you can pose like celebrities and capture shimmering and jaw-dropping clicks. It is one of the most famous sections of the museum and adds extra value to pictures. The gold bath is the dream selfie room you would have only seen in tales and fairy stories.


  • Chill like a Pro in Emoji Pool

Emojis trend like no other and can very well express any emotions. They are famous on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., and the selfie museum brings diverse emojis to you through their emoji pool. Visit the emoji pool room of the museum and get ready to be stunned by the cuteness of emojis depicting various emotions.


Don’t Just Take Our Word for It, Experience the Vibe of Museum Yourself

The Museum of Selfies is undoubtedly one of the most attractive and unique Las Vegas museums, and you must not lose a chance to visit it. So, get ready to set your social media profile on fire with stunning pictures of you alongside mesmerizing and eye-catching installations at the selfie museum. Book your tickets today to explore an all-new world of a museum.

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