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Best Places to Take Pictures in Las Vegas

May 31, 2022

With a distinct personality and wonderful year-round weather, Las Vegas and surrounding areas undoubtedly have so many sought-after photography locations for shutterbugs. With visitors from around the world visiting Las Vegas, most of them carry cameras to capture the visit and make it memorable for them.

Whether you are looking for glitzy lighting or want a silent place, there are so many photography locations in Las Vegas. But why just click pictures of the skyline, sceneries, landscapes, and monuments, when you add an edge to your Las Vegas Album by visiting one of the most attractive photography places – the museum of selfies Las Vegas. The museum of selfies will differentiate your memories from most of the visitors visiting Las Vegas. The museum of selfies in Las Vegas is a unique place to be with so many elements, backgrounds, and scenarios, specifically designed with photography in mind.

If pictures are on top of your mind while visiting Las Vegas, don’t think twice before booking the museum of selfies. It is not just a fun museum to visit solo, with friends and family but also a feeling to remember forever.


Here are the main places where you can click amazing pictures in the museum of selfies


  • Optical Illusion Bathroom: while you are in the museum of selfies, don’t take cliché pictures. Think quirky and visit the optical illusion bathroom in the museum of selfies Las Vegas. It makes the perfect photography spot for science and dimensions lovers. Capture your selfie in different dimensions and play with your mind and eyes as well as others.
  • Immersive Installations: capturing a picture in front of a static background is not-so-cool in this world of social media and platforms like Instagram. Live everything you see by clicking pictures in immersive installations. They are not just background but interactive surroundings that make the impossible look and feel so realistic. It is a must-visit spot in the museum of selfies in Las Vegas to capture pictures and make your social media profiles go on fire.
  • Fun at the Upside-Down Room: the world is round and when you visit the upside-down room at the museum of selfies it becomes evident. This room has so clever effects that make the real look so unreal and unreal looks real. If you love to play around with the minds of people and want to make them wonder looking at your pictures, you must click pictures in the upside-down room at Museum of Selfies in Las Vegas.
  • Shine, Shine & Shine in the Gold Bath: it’s time for you to rise and shine in the pictures and selfies you take. The museum of selfies makes it possible for the visitors with its gold bath section where you will find just shine, sparkle, and more sparkle everywhere. Take the gold bath and add that celebrity class to your pictures. Model and capture selfies like celebrities in the gold bath and upload them on your social media. The gold bath is a place for shutterbugs to die for.
  • Capture Expressions & Fun in Emoji Pool: if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of your life and want to have some quirky fun selfies, and pictures with your family and friends, the emoji pool at the museum of selfies is the perfect place for you. Dive into the world of emojis, pick your favorites and capture cool and dashing pictures of yourself. You can also go expressive with emojis and can even share your feelings for somebody through a picture with emoji.

With so many amazing immersive rooms and spots in the museum of selfies, shutterbugs are going to fall in unconditional love with this Museum of Selfies in Las Vegas. So, don’t waste any more time, book a part of your trip to take the fun ride and click pictures of a lifetime at museum of selfies in Las Vegas.

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