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Las Vegas is one continuous entertainment complex. Millions of tourists from all over the world come to the city of numerous casinos, nightclubs, first-class restaurants, and hotels every year. But here they are waiting not only for excitement, risk, and excellent service. The attractions of Vegas are very interesting – museums, canyons, and national parks. Today you will learn about the best objects of the city and its environs.

Cool places to take pictures in Las Vegas

The most important attraction in Las Vegas is the “Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. A diamond-shaped sign with pointed top and bottom corners was installed in 1959 on a boulevard in the southern part of the Strip. Betty Willis was entrusted with designing the Googie-style sign. The height of the structure is 7.6 m. Since 2009, the sign has been included in the US National Register of Historic Monuments. The design of the sign is not protected by copyright, so it can be seen on any souvenir products, in the design of buildings, etc. 

But get ready to stand in line to take a photo in front of the popular sign!

Best photo spots in Las Vegas strip

Let’s dwell on the Las Vegas Strip, this is what millions of tourists go to Vegas for.  On this 7-kilometer boulevard, the city’s best hotels-casinos, shops, bars, shopping centers, and restaurants are concentrated. 

The Museum of Selfies is one of the best places you must visit to take unique photos of various decorations. 

The most famous, perhaps, is the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant or Hell’s Kitchen, where lunch will cost $150 for two, and dinner from $200. It is here that you can take glamorous and fashionable photos with which you will surprise your friends.

Best photo places in Las Vegas

Best photo places in Las Vegas

Magnificent musical fountains, equipped with 4.5 thousand light bulbs, are located 100 meters from the main entrance to the Bellagio Hotel. Bright music and light shows are held here daily from noon until late at night. Powerful jets of water perform a spectacular dance to the eternal hits of Frank Sinatra, Luciano Pavarotti, Madonna, Elton John, and Celine Dion. In total, the fountain releases 1175 water jets. The creation of this masterpiece took 40 million dollars. Each performance lasts about 5 minutes, you can watch it for free at any time and, of course, take amazing photos.

Las Vegas unique experiences

Fremont Street is another famous street in Las Vegas, located in Downtown – the Old District of the city. Until 1990, it was the center of nightlife, and then the modern Strip was built and the main “party” moved there. Although now here, just like on the Strip, there are the most popular casinos, restaurants, and shows (but more often street performers put on shows). Car traffic has been banned since 1994, and the history of the street itself began 100 years ago. Bright large signs and a huge number of buildings in various architectural styles made Fremont Street an ideal place for filming various films: “Back to the Future” (in the “role” of the Bif casino – Plaza Hotel & Casino), “Diamonds are forever”, “Honey, I Shrunk children.”

The best place to take a picture in Las Vegas

The next attraction will be very popular with girls. The Las Vegas Chapel or the Chapel of Flowers is a legendary place where couples from all over the world get married. They even hold ceremonies over the Internet! It is even hard to imagine how many marriages took place in the chapel. In addition, the reason for such popularity remains not completely clear. In appearance, the building looks simple and concise, with no flashy details, which will make your photo just perfect and stylish!

Best photo spots with kids in the Las Vegas strip

A place for unique photos in Las Vegas

Look for the Wax Museum on the Las Vegas Strip. Opening date – 1999. The museum covers an area of 2700 m². The collection of 100 exhibits is allowed to be touched and photographed. Some wax copies are interactive. They blush and laugh when hugged or kissed and, of course, photographed. The ticket price is $43.99. Come every day from 10:00 to 20:00 (Sunday-Thursday) and from 10:00 to 21:00 on Friday and Saturday.

Best photo places with little ones in Las Vegas

If you are a fan of the cult film Titanic, in Las Vegas, do not forget to look into the themed museum. Its opening hours are daily from 10:00 to 22:00. Geographically located in the hotel-casino Luxor. Visitors receive a ticket and board a makeshift ship. The halls look like cabins, in which 300 exhibits from the Titanic are presented: documents, personal belongings of passengers and crew members, furniture, and interior items. For diving into the past, pay $35.

Best place to take a picture for teens in Las Vegas

The Ferris wheel is called the High Roller. Its height is 168 m (London Eye is 30 meters lower!). This is the most fashionable and stylish photo spot in Las Vegas. When it opened in 2014, it was the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. In 2016, the new “highest” wheel in the world (191 meters) was opened in New York, and in 2020 it is planned to open the “eye of Dubai” with a height of 210 (!) meters. In Las Vegas, guests can ride in one of 28 glass-enclosed, heated cabanas with plush sofas. Each booth can accommodate 40 people. The wheel makes a complete revolution in half an hour. How much does it cost to ride the Ferris wheel in Vegas? During the day – it is $25 during the day, and at night – it is $35.

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