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1 Place & 4 Tips to make Your Las Vegas Trip Fun

Jun 14, 2022

If you are planning to visit Las Vegas and are a big photograph fanatic, we have an amazing place recommendation for you. There are beautiful places, historic architecture, monuments to visit in Las Vegas, but we have a quirky yet amazing place – Museum of Selfies Las Vegas, that you can visit solo, with companion and loved ones.


The museum of selfies is nowhere like the museums of the past. It is an adventure ride where you can have fun in trendy setups. But to make it easier for you we have 5 tips for you to consider when you visit the museum of selfies Las Vegas.


4 Tips to Make Your Museum of Selfies Las Vegas Journey Unforgettable


  • Visit Illusion Bathroom. While you are in the museum of selfies in Las Vegas, you are going to get some pictures of a lifetime. Open your creativity mindset, the optical illusion bathroom is the perfect place to capture unique, one of its kind photographs. The illusion bathroom has stuff in different dimensions you can play with and have best pictures.


  • Experience e Immersive Installations. The museum of selfies has a lot of immersive installation which make them the perfect backgrounds and elements for amazing photographs. They make cool backgrounds for pictures that you can post social media platforms like Instagram. The immersive installations make every picture look so full of life. and realistic. If you love to take pictures that can tell a story, immersive installations are meant for you. Click some amazing pictures with your loved ones and lit your social media profiles.


  • Step Into the Upside-Down Room. The world is neither flat nor round when you visit the museum of selfies in Las Vegas. It has an upside-down room where you can make the world around you look the way you want. It is a cleverly designed room with lots of effects to make the unreal look real and the real look so unreal. If you love to play around with the minds of people and want to stun your audience with pictures, the upside-down rooms has so much to offer you.


  • Don’t Miss the Gold Bath. When you get a chance to shine, shine bright. That’s exactly what the gold bathroom in the museum of selfies has to offer you. The museum of selfies gives you a chance to take a gold bath, sparkle and capture magical shiny pictures. It’s your chance to experience the celebrity glitter and seal the moment by recording it and uploading it on your social media profiles. The gold bathroom is truly designed for shutterbugs who love to rise and shine.


  • Relive Yout Childhood at the Emoji Pool. While you are in Las Vegas, and visiting the museum of selfies, you must not miss reliving your childhood and express yourself through cute emojis. The emoji pool is full of different kinds of emojis with each of them depicting a different expression, feeling. Dive into this amazing pool of emojis, pick your favorites and click some quirky, captivating, and cool pictures.


So much awaits you at the museum of selfies in Las Vegas. Book your Museum of Selfies in Las Vegas tickets today and make your vacation memorable.


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